Modular Building System

Anita Molenaar

RootBarrier® RollRib® Modular Building System
To extend the use of RootBarrier RollRib, KING RootBarrier has developed the RootBarrier RollRib Modular Building System. This unique building system is available on 21 meter rolls in 3 different heights: 51 cm – 81 cm – 109 cm, enabling the creation of a great variety of combined heights. RootBarrier RollRib Building System can also be used to protect existing pipes, cables, tubes, etc. Because of its simple, quick and cost-saving construction method, using recesses, the underground infrastructure suffers minimal disturbance. With the addition of the RootBarrier Sealing Ring we supply a total package to prevent damage from root pressure and root growth.   

Going up with the RootBarrier® RollRib® Modular Building System
The linking elements (51 cm, 81 cm and 109 cm) are joined to the standard elements (28 cm, 39 cm, 45 cm, 59 cm, 90 cm and 118 cm) so as to achieve any height required for the chosen application. The screens are stacked in roof-tile fashion, ribs on top of each other, and fastened with screws in a zig-zag pattern with a 10 cm overlap. The system can be installed linearly, but also in a circle or in a square.

Going down with the RootBarrier® RollRib® Modular Building System
When the building system is constructed downwards, existing pipes, tubes, cables etc. are taken into account. The two elements are joined using the recess. Installation going down is the same as going up. However, to achieve the best result and the best alignment, both elements need to start at a dashed line.

Flexible sealing system for conducting cables in RootBarrier® RollRib®
Underground pipe or cable passes are vulnerable. With the variably combinable RootBarrier® Sealing Ring it is possible to lead existing cables, pipes, tubes etc. through the RootBarrier RollRib in a highly effective way and seal them off. Strain on the environment is minimized and roots are given no chance to intrude.