NEW: RootBarrier® Watertapes

Anita Molenaar
The solution to drought!

Drought, in the future it will afflict us ever more often. Everyone knows that trees need water to grow. Trees derive water from the soil, water which is provided by groundwater, rain or irrigation.The tree’s rootball should never be completely dry. So it is crucial that the tree does not lack moisture. To prevent this from happening KING RootBarrier has developed RootBarrier® Water Tapes. These tapes absorb large amounts of water and have the necessary spongy function that young roots in particular lack. RootBarrier® Water Tapes are easily and quickly applied. The tape fits naturally around the root, drawing moisture continuously. The material is 100% bio-degradable, so that the environment is left unharmed.

For the planting of young trees and/or shrubs we advise installing RootBarrier® Water Tapes in combination with RootBarrier® Tree Watering Reservoir. The combination of water tape, as a water buffer, and the watering reservoir, which prevents unwanted drainage, ensures an optimal water supply and the preservation of the plant in longer periods of drought.

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