Olympic victory for RootBarrier® RollRib®

Queeny de Haan

As main sponsor of the women’s 1st team of Polar Bears water polo club at Ede, we are of course immensely proud that 4 of our women have been selected for the national team of the Netherlands. Just this weekend they and their team managed to qualify for the Olympic Games in July 2021.

However, Polar Bears are not the only thing at Ede we are proud of. Recently we completed a beautiful project in this municipality with our RootBarrier® RollRib®, commissioned by Loohorst Landscaping.

In this project near the Elias Beeckman barracks, RootBarrier® RollRib® was employed to prevent any damage that might be caused by tree roots, while maintaining the stability of the trees.

Tree and shrubbery pits of around 14 metres were created and since the pavement is less than 2 metres from the shrubs, KING RootBarrier advised using RootBarrier® RollRib®. This innovative root guidance system on rolls is made of 1.5 mm HDPE; it is quickly and easily cut to the desired length. Roots are guided downwards by the vertical guidance ribs. This prevents the so-called ‘flower pot effect’ and ensures that the tree remains stable and the street remains safe.

In short, RootBarrier® RollRib® has successfully contributed to a safe green living environment at Polar Bears’ home ground!