Plantex Root Protector prevents root intrusion at AFC sports pitches

Queeny de Haan

Source: ‘Stad + Groen’

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On the Zuidas in Amsterdam five new synthetic turf pitches are being constructed at the  municipal sports park ‘Goed Genoeg’, home of the Amsterdamsche Football Club (AFC). The overall project is being realised by Sallandse United. To prevent damage to the pitches by root intrusion Sallandse use Plantex Root Protector by KING RootBarrier.

Three years ago the first pitch was laid on the parking deck. The next year the main pitch was added and last year saw the addition of two more pitches. The final artificial grass pitch will be realised in the coming year; then AFC will be ready for the future.

A household name
This will be one of the most expensive sports parks in Europe, if only because of the current land value in Amsterdam. A spokesperson for the Amsterdam council: 'Sports park AFC is a household name and an important venue for sports. This is becoming more and more important in urban environments. Everybody understands that nowadays. That is why, after twenty years, we have decided to build five artificial turf pitches and a new pavilion at this location. Schools from the surrounding area will also come here for their sports.' The overall project is being realised by Sallandse United. It is not only the fields, but also infrastructure, greenery and the management and maintenance for the first year.

'After twenty years, we have decided to build five artificial turf pitches and a new pavilion'

Preventing root pressure
The spreading roots of trees cause a lot of tension in urban surroundings. Amsterdam is no exception. Root barrier constructions are applied on a regular basis. In spite of the limited space for growth, Amsterdam has around a million trees. The municipality wants every tree that is removed to be replaced. Arjan Emaus from Sallandse United: 'For the construction and realisation of the project we consult with the local authorities and with our landscape gardener. We were looking for a reliable root protection product that could be installed both vertically and horizontally.'

As the sports park is close to water and the plans call for trees at the waterside, the local authorities were trying to find a product that could prevent root damage. Making sure that the pitches would not be lifted by root expansion was a priority. Also, the product should drain well to counter the possible effects of erosion. In addition, the quality should be such that it would last a minimum of 25 years.

Vertical as well as horizontal
For all these reasons Sallandse United opted for Plantex Root Protector by King Rootbarrier. It is the only water-permeable root protection screen with proven efficacy (8 mm/s) that can be installed both vertically and horizontally. Moreover, it allows air and nutrients to pass through and helps improve the stability of the soil. The narrow fibres, made of 100 percent polypropylene and fully recyclable, are so strong and smooth that roots do not get a purchase and are consequently unable to penetrate.

Plantex Root Protector is highly durable, strong and flexible, chemical-free and quick and easy to install. With Plantex Root Protector it is possible to plant adult trees at the waterside. In this way a balanced green living and sports area can be created in spite of limited space for growth.

'With Plantex Root Protector we are confident that root intrusion has been prevented'

Arjan Emaus: 'Before the work starts we study the plan details. We look for items in the design that require containment of the environment, and for the possible occurrence of root intrusion.With Plantex Root Protector we are confident that this has been prevented. On top of that the fabric was easy to handle and it now lies neatly under the flatwork.'