RootBarrier® RollRib® at the Cemetery of Troyes, France

Queeny de Haan

The two main aisles of the Cemetery of Troyes have to make way for a landscape reorganisation that is spread over 3 years and 2 phases.

Work in the first phase has just been completed. It encompasses the 470 yards horizontal main aisle. Here road surfaces have been levelled and pavements widened to improve accessibility.

Next, no fewer than 90 trees were planted in tree pits and 21 beds were filled with perennials and grasses. For the planting of the tree pits RootBarrier® RollRib® was used. Thanks to the simple installation of this off-the-roll root guidance system, the planting crew can save time and work more efficiently. Furthermore, RootBarrier® RollRib® has integrated vertical guidance ribs which also function as soil anchors. They ensure that roots cannot press upwards and are guided down in a controlled manner.

At the end of the year phase two will begin, which includes the cemetery’s vertical main aisle. RootBarrier® RollRib® has proven itself during the first phase of the project. Its quick and simple installation has made sure that in phase 2 it will once again be the product of choice.