Tip of the week: Clean air

Queeny de Haan

When floating particles get into the air through combustion, friction or dispersion, polluted particulate matter is formed. To counteract air pollution plants can serve as a natural filter. This green filter absorbs polluted particulates, thereby reducing the amount of polluted air and improving air quality. 

Green filter
To create a green filter in an urban environment, you can opt for a facade garden or a green front garden. These little plots filled with green will improve filtration of air pollution. When laying out your green plot it is important to give thought to the anti-weed fabric you are going to use. Obviously, you do not want all the green to be overrun by weeds, so you will need a strong, durable and sustainable weed control fabric. Next, besides protecting your garden from weeds, it should allow the soil and the roots to absorb water and nutrients. To accomplish this, we recommend the DuPont™ Plantex® Gold anti-weed fabric. It is made of the highest quality material on the market and lays the foundation for a low maintenance green garden.

If all the residents in the neighbourhood replace grey with green, we collectively create a green town. A green town means a healthier living environment with a rich biodiversity, good water management and clean air.

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