Tip of the week: Living in a green town

Queeny de Haan

The green spaces of the Rembrandt Park in Amsterdam are worth more than € 33 million. For the construction of tower blocks in this neighbourhood, the green would be sacrificed. Calculations showed, however, that the value of the tower blocks would amount to only half that of the green. So it was decided that the green should stay…

If all the residents of a neighbourhood replace grey with green, they collectively create a green town. A green town means a healthier living environment with a rich biodiversity, good water management and clean air. The presence of green in the immediate vicinity increases home values, so that you can say that an investment in green repays itself through higher property values.

Green is valuable and anyone can profit from it! Start by planting a green front garden and do your bit for a green healthy living environment. A useful tip: do not forget the weed control fabric when planting all of that green! The DuPont™ Plantex® Gold anti-weed fabric was developed especially to stop weeds, so it will be your ally when laying out a low maintenance green front garden.

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