Tip of the week: Prevent water loss

Queeny de Haan

To prevent water from draining off during watering, you can use RootBarrier® Tree Watering Reservoir. The Watering Reservoir is installed around the tree. It ensures that the water stays within reach of the base of the trunk. Thus water is delivered to the root ball in a measured, optimal flow.

The RootBarrier® Tree Watering Reservoir can be secured with the RootBarrier® Connector. In order to keep the reservoir stable, it is partly placed in the soil (ca. 10 cm). The upper part (20 cm) extends above ground. The Watering Reservoir has a UV stability of 5 years but is expected to last for as long as 10 years. Reuse is a definite possibility!

RootBarrier® WaterTapes can be installed together with a RootBarrier® Tree Watering Reservoir. The combination of WaterTapes, as a buffer, and Watering Reservoir, to prevent water from draining off, ensures optimal irrigation and preservation of the tree during sustained droughts.