Tip of the week: Clean air

Queeny de Haan

Temperatures on earth are rising because of climate change. As a result we shall increasingly have to cope with drought, heat stress, excess water and flooding. Green gardens keep the house cool on hot summer days and absorb moisture when it rains, so that sewers do not overflow.

Disturbed balance of water management
The first wave of precipitation does not reach ground level, because it is captured by the vegetation. The water evaporates before it reaches the soil. Most of the remainder can sink into the earth and replenish the groundwater. This way trees and plants improve the infiltration of rainwater.

When a garden is paved over, rainwater cannot sink into the earth, so that it cannot be absorbed either. The climate is changing rapidly and, as a consequence, urban areas experience more and more flooding from intense precipitation and water shortages during longer periods of drought. All this disturbs the balance of water management.

Permeable weed control fabric
Replacing paving by green can help restore the water management, provided that the right products are used. So do not forget the weed control fabric when replacing your paving by green! It is important to have a fabric that is permeable to water, air and nutrients. This will provide the green in your garden with the optimal conditions to bloom and grow 😊

Our tip for you: DuPont™ Plantex® Gold. This anti-weed fabric is made of the highest quality material on the market. Not only does it stop weeds, it also allows plant roots to breathe and thrive.

Facade garden
To keep your home cool on hot summer days, you might consider planting a facade garden. Facade gardens are a way to create room for nature even in the very streets themselves. This greening process will also contribute to better water management and stimulate biodiversity. A win-win situation!

If all the residents in the neighbourhood replace grey with green, we collectively create a green town. A green town means a healthier living environment with a rich biodiversity, balanced water management and clean air.

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