Tip of the week: Biodiversity

Queeny de Haan

If all the residents in the area replace grey with green, we collectively create a green town. A green town means a healthier living environment with a rich biodiversity, balanced water management and cleaner air.

Biodiversity at risk
The earth supports around 8 million species of animals and plants that together sustain a natural balance. These different species are all interconnected and make up a wealth of biodiversity. This ecosystem comes under heavy pressure from climate change. If there is no improvement to the current situation, out of the 8 million species of animals and plants, 1 million will be extinct within a few decades. This will cause disruption of the natural balance on earth and reduced supplies of oxygen, water and food.

Out with the tile, in with the green
To prevent this from happening, everybody can do their bit to help greening their living environment and stimulate biodiversity. Greening your front garden by removing pavers and replacing them with green is a great way to start.

To encourage local authorities to replace pavement with green, the Dutch have come up with a National Championship ‘tile flipping’. The purpose of this campaign is to replace as much grey by green as possible, and the most successful municipality wins the ‘golden tile’.

How do you go about it?
When you replace pavers with green, you obviously do not intend for the green to be overrun by weeds. Using a sustainable weed control fabric is the solution! DuPont™ Plantex® Gold is 100% recyclable, chemical free and permeable to air, water and nutrients. This anti-weed fabric even makes plants grow faster and enhances the quality and quantity of crops. Yet another advantage is its convenience: once installed it is very low-maintenance.