Discount tree planting package

Anita Molenaar
Our solution against drought, but also the innovative and biological anchoring.

Young trees need strong support and we can help you with the right material. If you want to be able to rely on installing a proven system, then you are in the right place with the RootBarrier® Watertapes, RootBarrier® Tree Watering Reservoir and RootBarrier® Arbretio®, effective watering and biological tree anchoring. The three components are an interplay of different products that are optimally coordinated. Our RootBarrier® Watertapes is a 100% biodegradable jute-based tape. The coated side consists of a superabsorber and a binder. Due to the influence of water, the superabsorber slowly dissolves from the tape and the gel particles migrate into the surrounding soil, creating a water buffer of approx. 40 liters per m².

The RootBarrier® Tree Watering Reservoir ensures a central water supply, which ensures that the water is led to the roots through the partly underground installation. In addition to your sustainable planting, you can use our RootBarrier® Arbretio® as an underground tree anchor. This then ensures good stability of the young tree. The wooden wedges are hammered into the root ball around the trunk and thus fulfill the anchoring function through the leverage. The number of wedges can vary depending on the size of the tree. All the information you need for this can be found in our installation manual. Our sales colleagues are also happy to answer all your questions. We are your reliable partner!

Don’t miss this package deal for planting 10 trees:

RootBarrier® Tree Watering Reservoir package HDPE
RootBarrier® Watertapes (2 rolls 50m + 1 roll 25m)
RootBarrier® Arbretio® (30 pcs.)

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