Main sponsor Polar Bears

Anita Molenaar
Since October 1, KING RootBarrier has been committed as the main sponsor of the Ladies Team 1 of the Polar Bears water polo club for the coming years. On October 1, Pascalle Lahay and Bart van der Hart met the Association and the ladies in particular. What a nice, enthusiastic, motivated and driven young women. It is great to support a top team that plays in the national premier league as the main sponsor.

Polar Bears, multiple national champion, supplies a total of six internationals to the national teams for the men and women, who both try to qualify for the Olympic Games this year. “I immediately realized that we actually know too little about water polo. That is why it is nice to contribute in this way. A no-nonsense club, with young people who appreciate each other, support each other and can also have a lot of fun together," says Pascalle Lahay. Polar Bears is delighted with the collaboration with KING RootBarrier. "Together we will make it a great success and get the maximum out of it through the win-win situation," said Angelique Jonker-Sloterdijk, chairman of Polar Bears.