The mole season is upon us!

Queeny de Haan

Perhaps you have already spotted one in your garden. It would not be surprising at this time of year, because the mole season has started again! These useful animals have any number of pests on their menu as well as other troublesome insects, which naturally benefits garden owners. Moles, however, have their own ideas about garden and landscape architecture, ideas that do not work out so well for garden owners.

With their powerful forepaws moles have no trouble tunnelling extensively under your lawn. While burrowing they use their hind legs to push up excess soil, thereby creating molehills, which they then use as exits to go foraging for nest materials on the surface.

Since molehills tend to be eyesores because of the damage they inflict, KING RootBarrier offers two animal friendly solutions. RootBarrier® MoleGrid 127 is an anti-mole product that is installed horizontally 5 cm or less and vertically 50 cm - 1 m under the lawn surface. This product is strong, flexible, light, chemical-free and 100% recyclable.

If you are going for the best possible result, there is also RootBarrier® MoleBarrier 400. It is made of heavier material, resulting in an even stronger barrier to repel the mole. In addition, RootBarrier® MoleBarrier 400 has a smaller mesh size, making it even harder for the mole to burrow his way through. This product is also chemical-free and 100% recyclable. It is installed in the same way as RootBarrier® MoleGrid 127: horizontally 5 cm or less and vertically 50 cm - 1 m under the lawn surface.

For advice on suitable mole protection for your project, please feel free to contact our RootBarrier specialists!